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Wednesday, April 7, 2021


Feature Zazzle Shop HappyFeetStore t-shirt, dog tag, mug, pillow gift ideas
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 Today's feature store is HappyFeetStore.  They are an independent dog training company from the UK working in Cyprus.  

 Help Support a Good Cause!

They use the proceeds from their Zazzle store to

help offset costs to feed and care for daily feeding of strays of "all sorts" as they say in their about section.  Any purchase you make from them helps support their cause and fills the bellies of animals with no one else to care for them!

Below you will find just a small sample of the kinds of products and designs you can find in HappyFeetStore on Zazzle.  You can find phone cases, mouse pads, clocks, mugs, tote bags, key chains, magnets, bath towels, golf balls, and so much more!  Be sure to visit their full store to shop the great variety and find the perfect gift for yourself or the pet lover in your life!

Pet Supplies

They offer a variety of products for the pet lover including pet supplies like collar ID tags and pet beds.

Home Decor for Pet Lovers

Find home decor for pet lovers like fleece and cotton blankets, throw pillows, and wall art.

Apparel for Animal Lovers

Why not show your love of animals with a fun t-shirt, hoodie, or even shoes! You can even find apparel for the animal lover in HappyFeetStore!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Shopping at Zazzle is easy and you can feel secure in your purchase with their 100% satisfaction guarantee!

*When you make a purchase of a quality product from Zazzle through one of my links (provided you have cookies allowed), then I may make a small amount off of that purchase at no extra cost to you and it is very much appreciated!

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